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  1. Mike

    New format looks excellent. The new HD vids look pretty sweet as well.
    Good luck with it all, love the tutorials, GRAWRD and Rethink are my main staples now.
    While I am here, and have a captive ear(??), how about some more 1a tricks like White Buddah, you know ‘hard’ but not impossible hard for a noob like myself.
    Lol. Thanks again Gerard really does look great now.

  2. GrawrD

    Thanks, Mike! I really appreciate it!

    I definitely want to get more tricks around that level. I am working on getting the old tricks re-done, but I’m also trying to throw a few new ones in and once I’m done I can focus on all new tricks.

    I recommend learning Kamikaze and Red Clover if you haven’t already because I feel they are about the same level, but keep checking back and I’ll hopefully have some new stuff for you!

  3. Quincey

    Hey Gerard you’re videos are fantastic man I hope to see more videos in the near future. I’m sure you’re a busy man and you’ve got many things on your plate, but I’d like to say keep striving for perfection and from one thrower to the next keep it up man. I can only hope to be able to knock out tricks as complex as you man.

    1. GrawrD

      Thanks a lot, man. I really appreciate it!

  4. Nick

    Hey Bro. Do you sponsored by YYF?

    1. GrawrD

      No! I just like their yoyos!

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