How to Bind
Under Mount/Over MountSplit Bottom MountTrapeze
Trapeze & BroDouble or NothingHoudini Mount
1 & 1/2 MountWrist MountLadder Mount
BraintwisterBarrel RollsSplit the Atom
Mach 5ZipperSkin the Gerbil (HD)
Buddha's Revenge (HD)
Pop N' FreshKwyjibo (HD)Arm Grind (HD)
Magic DropSlack BasicsAdvanced Slack
Revolutions (HD)WhipsHidemasa Hook
Green Triangle Laceration (HD)Ninja Vanish (HD)Kamikaze
Gyroscopic Flop (HD)Spirit BombWhite Buddha
Chopsticks Thumb MountYuuki SlackCandy Rain (HD)
Rancid MilkRed Clover (HD)The Last Crusade
Short RoundOrganized (HD)Endure (HD)
StallWindmillElectric Fan


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  1. Titan

    Everything yo-yo related I know, I’ve learnt from your videos.

    Genius, keep it up man!

  2. GrawrD

    I’m glad I could help you! Keep checking back for more!

  3. Ilya

    there is a trick superman?

  4. Vadim

    Greetings, GrawrD I from Russia English don’t know Novosibirsk so сорри I translate with PromT) New tricks will be?

    1. GrawrD

      Yes! I’m actually working on a new series of trick tutorials. Stay tuned!

  5. Vadim

    Greetings, whether long still to wait for new tricks? There can be you to do on a site registration so on it would be much more convenient to use your site) And it is possible зделать the moderator of a forum, the assistant to the administrator. I think then GrawrD would rise on new level and you could be engaged only work over tricks) As to you my offer?

  6. Nikolai

    Hi. I am from russia, I am bad at english please show “Plan D”

  7. Vadim

    Hi I too from Russia I think Plan D not the necessary trick it to you will give of nothing!!! Learn by turns with grawrd/com tricks coll)

  8. Elchickeno

    Thanks for all your work everything i know about it it is is from your website .I’m from Poland, now i am profesional too ty You feel invited for a Polish cup that is every year.Greetings form Poland .Sorry for my English

  9. joefox8869

    any new tricks idol? and tutorials.. 😀

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