Sep 19

And The Winner Is…

Alex Lee for his impersonation of Charles “Chuck” Haycock in his Bushmen video!!!


This was a very difficult decision as really any of the videos could have won. Alex did a great job of not only impersonating Chuck’s style, but a distinct video of his as well.

Check out all of the other great entries as well:


I wish I had enough prizes to give to everyone as all the videos were truly great!

Thanks again to everyone for entering and I hope to do something like this again very soon!

P.S. Alex e-mail me your address so I can send out your prizes!!!





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  1. Alex Lee

    Thank you so much!!!!! and good job to all other contestants! u all did outstanding! my email adress is officialalexlee@gmail.com .

  2. Chase Baxter

    Congrats Alex! I knew you were gonna win! So happy for you! 😀

  3. Tony Alonso

    Great Job Alex and Congrats! If I had to choose somebody that wasn’t myself, I would have chosen yours as well. I thought both of our videos really impersonated the best so I’m glad it was yours that won.

  4. Alex Lee

    Thanks tony! yours was great as well!

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