Sep 09

Only 1 Week Left!


Since I started the site a few years ago, I wanted to run some sort of Video Contest and today is finally the day!

The goal of this contest is to impersonate your favorite yo-yo player in whatever way you think is best. The winner of this contest will not be determined by the best tricks, but by the best impersonation of the yo-yo player’s style. A few years ago, Jacob “Elephark” Jensen ran a similar video contest and I really enjoyed the results.


  • The beginning of your video must feature the GrawrD video intro that you can download: HERE
  • You can impersonate any yo-yo player you want, but one I am more likely to know would be best.
  • The more funny and recognizable your impersonation is, the better.


  • Duncan Mayhem (Courtesy of Chris @ YoYoSkills.com), YoYoFactory Velocity and Mystery Bag of Mystery

How to Enter:

  • Underneath this post, leave a comment with your name, the name of the yo-yoer you are impersonating and a link to your video.
  • Deadline is Friday, September 16th. Winners will be announced the following Monday, September 19th.

If you still aren’t quite sure what I’m looking for, check out the video I entered to Elephark’s contest. It doesn’t have to be quite this elaborate, but the more effort you put in, the more likely you are to win.


I look forward to your entries!!!!




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  1. lander Amparo

    lander Amparo

    A.K.A hiroyuki suzuki

  2. GrawrD

    Nice job!

  3. lander Amparo

    are there any entry to the contest?

  4. alex lee

    i will be entering, video upp tommarow possibly..

  5. Tony Alonso

    Just saw this, will be working on a video today and tomorrow. I really hope tricks and skill level are not going to be judged too harshly because I suck! lol

  6. Steven

    Im having trouble with the intro vid I cant download unless i buy quick time pro. Please help.

    1. GrawrD

      To Download, just Right click the “HERE!” link and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” whatever your browser says. You do not need Quicktime Pro.

  7. alex lee

    alex lee
    copying charles haycock bushmen avalanche video

  8. Jusis Evans

    Justis Evans
    wasnt able to download the intro so i made my own.

  9. Steven Suazo

    Steven Suazo
    Paul Han

  10. Mark Guillermo

    Mark Guillermo impersonating JonRob!
    Good luck to everyone!

  11. Tony Alonso

    Ok, finally finished! Cutting it close I know!

    My name is Tony Alonso and I chose to impersonate Augie Fash’s 2011 Cal State Yoyo Contest 3rd Place Finish.

    Here it is!

    Here is Augie’s Video

  12. Tyler Hsieh

    shinji saito worlds 1st place

  13. GrawrD

    All entries before this comment are official. Any entries after his comment are not eligible for the prize.

    All these videos are awesome guys!!!! This is going to be a very tough decision…

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