Aug 25

Be A Player Video Contest


Since I started the site a few years ago, I wanted to run some sort of Video Contest and today is finally the day!

The goal of this contest  is to impersonate your favorite yo-yo player in whatever way you think is best. The winner of this contest will not be determined by the best tricks, but by the best impersonation of the yo-yo player’s style.  A few years ago, Jacob “Elephark” Jensen ran a similar video contest and I really enjoyed the results.


  • The beginning of your video must feature the GrawrD video intro that you can download: HERE
  • You can impersonate any yo-yo player you want, but one I am more likely to know would be best.
  • The more funny and recognizable your impersonation is, the better.


  • Duncan Mayhem (Courtesy of Chris @ YoYoSkills.com), YoYoFactory Velocity and Mystery Bag of Mystery

How to Enter:

  • Underneath this post, leave a comment with your name, the name of the yo-yoer you are impersonating and a link to your video.
  • Deadline is Friday, September 16th. Winners will be announced the following Monday, September 19th.

If you still aren’t quite sure what I’m looking for, check out the video I entered to Elephark’s contest. It doesn’t have to be quite this elaborate, but the more effort you put in, the more likely you are to win.


I look forward to your entries!!!!



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  1. Rizki_yoist

    I’m going to enter, maybe recording tomorrow

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