Aug 09


As you may have noticed, the site looks a little different than it used to.

First of all a huge thanks to Josh “Schalicto” Schlichting. I wouldn’t have a site at all without him and I never could have made these changes.

I really wanted to make it so I could communicate easier with people visiting my site, so I decided to go with a blog style. I’m hoping that this will mean more frequent updates and a lot more videos. I am currently working on redoing all of my tutorials in HD, so look out for those, but expect some new ones too!

I am going to be more likely to respond to comments on my site as opposed to e-mails, so feel free to comment whenever you want! Hope you guys enjoy the new layout and the videos that are on the way!

While you wait, enjoy my newest video!


  1. Ayoyob

    Me gusta

  2. GrawrD


  3. Austin peacock

    I’m so glad your revamping everything, can’t wait to see the new tutorials.

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