Aug 09

1A – White Buddha

Trick Creator: Paul Escolar

Recommended Knowledge:

Music: You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall and Oates

Download: White Buddha


  1. Mike

    Yo brother G, thanks for the knowledge, but I am having a bugger of a time getting the fake trap to stik, any tips for that ?
    I have managed to get it to stay like twice, out of so, so very many tries. I try to pull the strings a bit and get the string into the gap but it just doesn’t stick ????
    Help G.
    – Mike.

  2. Mike

    Yeah, figured it out. Was watching other people do it, and I noticed how one guy threw the string under and into the gap, so I tried that a few times and made it.
    just working on making it more pretty.
    So no worries Bro, funny hoe that happens Ive been trying fro a couple weeks to get it, and tonight I finally ask for help, andd then get it a hour later….LOL.

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